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Why repair?


The costs associated with climbing can be intimidating; with the cost of living increasing rapidly, we're more conscious of our spending than ever before. Resoling - as opposed to replacing - your ageing shoes cuts the cost of them in half.

Not only that, but new climbing shoes need breaking in, which can be uncomfortable - now you needn't part with your favourite pair that have moulded to your feet just perfectly!

Additionally, as we all become more aware of our carbon footprint, repairing instead of replacing massively reduces landfill waste. So a big thumbs up for the planet too.

Rock Climbing Indoors

Types of repair:

Resole only

This repair involves replacing the worn out sole with a fresh new sole.

Resole & Rand Repair

This repair involves replacing the worn out sole & the upper rubber/Rands.  

Rubber Compounds


Sole Brother uses either Vibram or Unparalleled rubber. These are the most reliable and popular rubbers used in climbing shoes and come in various profiles to suit different makes and models of climbing shoes.


Vibram XS Eco, 3.5, 20% of the Vibram XS Eco sole is comprised of offcuts from the processing of high-performance climbing compounds. 


Vibram XS Grip 2, 4mm, Competition Rubber & will find it on the likes of La Sportiva Solution & so on.. 


Vibram XS Edge, Hard, 4mm, super durable & great for edging performance.


Unparalleled, RH, 4.2mm, Very similar to the Vibram XS Edge. 

Signs of wear & tear on the Rands/Side Wall Wraps

You never want to wait until you have holes in your shoes, as it immediately destroys the integrity of that footwear and then it's not repairable. It's all about catching the shoe at the right time to get a fresh Resole. Things to look out for, as soon as you start to lose the inside edge of the toe and it starts to round off this is a good time to get a fresh Resole. If you continue to climb in them & ignore those signs you will start to damage the Rands and further repair work will be required. If you look after your shoes you can Resole them multiple times depending on the brand & model of shoes. 


Not sure which repair you need? Drop us a message!

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