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Sole Brother is the brainchild of Joe Casserley from Bristol, UK. Joe has been climbing for 15 years, after being introduced to the sport through his work outdoors.

​Joe was inspired to create Sole Brother out of not only his passion for the local scene - Bristol is home to Britain's second biggest climbing community - but a desire to be part of the future of climbing. He noticed through personal experience the expense, and the waste, of constantly replacing his shoes and realised there wasn't a local service offering climbing shoe repair. With the natural world such an integral part of the climbing experience, and environmental concerns an undeniable and ever-growing part of all our lives, the idea for Sole Brother was born; a way to save the avid climber money whilst also reducing landfill waste and the carbon footprint of perpetual production.

​In a former life, Joe used to work ski seasons and a lot of his work entailed repairing skis and snowboards as well as making custom foot-moulds. This work required mastering very similar skills, knowledge and machinery as those used for the 'lost art' of shoe resoling. Joe's years of experience in this field mean your feet are in good hands!

​To Joe, climbing isn't just a sport, it's a lifestyle. Climbing is a fantastic form of exercise for the body and mind. It's a great way to explore and connect with nature as well as with inspiring people of all ages. Climbing enthusiasts both indoor and outdoor are part of a community that stretches the entire globe. Joe is extremely proud to have found a way to make his favourite pastime greener and more accessible.

​Welcome to Sole Brother!

Welcome to Sole Brother!

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